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2012 was beyond busy!

Especially towards the end of the year. I still took pictures but never had enough time to upload them here… I am debating if I should upload them… or just move on to 2013… start a new tumblr? Or just use instagram for my 365 day photo challenge? I was also thinking about maybe doing a 2013 challenge where I create one video a week or maybe one video a month…. not a vlog just random snippets of what is going on during the day…. I have to decide soon! Thanks to anyone who followed this throughout 2012. :)


Hey I’ve been so busy with school, work and my internship that I have not had time to post photos. I DO HAVE PHOTOS THOUGH! So to make up for the time I’ve lost I’m going to post this video I had to make for my internship. It features a bunch of graffiti art throughout Austin as well as the Cathedral of Junk. Stuff I would usually just take pictures of. It is not a great video but it is something!

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